Patty is  Director of RhythmSoul Drumming and a Registered caregiver (see Caregiver page). She has studied with world Masters in Afro-Cuban folkloric traditional drumming, song and dance and performs with Samba Like it Hot! and offers her skills as a costume designer. She also plays with her ensemble Las Senoras Locas and Carol Valentine and the Big Sweetheart Band. She recenlty formed a samba activist women's bateria. She offers classes to serious students, the not so serious, those who just wanna' have fun, kids, and the special needs population. Drumming, Found Sound instrument making, shakere making (see beaded gourds above my head here) and basket making are all classes she offers. All her classes and way, way fun filled with years of studying and teaching experience that guarantee to enrich your life.

She is percussion director for the Rogue Valley Peace Choir. 

Her caregiving skills began with caring for her mother and grew into a career. She brings years of dedicated work, mental health training (she is an Oregon certified addictions counselor) and a compassionate quality to her clients.

Her passions include college football, music, the great outdoors, creating art, writing, her dog (Zeke) and her granddaughter. 

Hand Drumming Lessons, Classes, Workshops

Found Sound - creating rhythm instruments from recycled items and a few art supplies

 Celebration and Grief Ceremonies

Performance Art

Drum Circles

Shakere and Basket Play-shops

Team building

Rhythms of Recovery -CADC Addictions Recovery Counselor, with Music Therapy

Specialized Senior Care, Registered Caregiver